Eight things in my work bag

Feb 18, 2016

The work bag. A quintessential piece that's required to be durable, versatile, and stylish. I've gone through quite a few throughout my professional career, and after some trials and errors, I knew that my work bag had to have these top 3 features:
1 - Fit a laptop and wear comfortably on my shoulder. I work in advertising, so there are often times when I need to check emails or review things "after hours" to meet deadlines. Which means I'm lugging my work laptop back and forth from the office to home.
2 - Neutral color. I'm already a neutrals kind of girl, and so my work bag has to be able to go with literally everything in my closet. Whether it be winter or summer, going from client meetings to happy hours, it needed to transition seamlessly.
3 - Ability to withstand the New York City subway commute. Before I lived in the city, I used to have a leather bag and would throw it in the backseat of my car. Now after almost five years in the city, the environmental factors really make a difference. I'm talking about rain, humidity, packed subways, and even cigarette smoke. Not fun to see your luxurious leather bag get scuffed up or dirty.
You may have seen this bag in this past outfit and Instagram posts. I've had it for about three years now, and it is by far my most worn bag, by sheer fact that I carry it to work every day. And the brand is....(drum roll please)....H&M! I got it randomly one day at the 34th street store, and it fit all my criteria. It can accommodate my work laptop (and all my everyday essentials), is a neutral off-white shade, and for the price point has lasted surprisingly well. I should feature it more, but honestly the reason I don't wear it a lot with my blog outfits is because if I'm not going to work, I like to give my other bags for a spin!
I thought I'd show you guys a couple of products that are always in my work bag, because these are things I don't even think about, as I know I can just grab my bag and go. I also wanted to share things that are more interesting than my laptop and keys :)
One - I always carry hand lotion with me, and I love Jergens because it moisturizes well and doesn't have an overwhelming scent (I have a pretty sensitive nose).
Two - My colleague introduced me to these oil of oregano supplements to fight colds and viruses. I really think it helped me a few weeks ago in January when my stuffy nose cleared up after 3 or 4 days.
Three - NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss. It's a pretty neutral color and simple for work when I don't have time to think about my makeup.
Four - A pen. Because I'm a #workingwoman and need a pen sometimes.
Five - My GiGi New York business card holder that is super important and actually does switch from bag to bag. Keep reading to find out why! Full disclosure: I received it after attending a RewardStyle NYFW event a few years ago.
Six - This is actually a cute compact mirror that a former boss gave to me as a gift. Sometimes a selfie just doesn't cut it when you need to check your teeth for food.
Seven - Nivea lip balm, for when I just want to be low-key. I always opt for lip balm that has some SPF in it.
Eight - I love these Burberry sunglasses, and you may have seen it previously here.
I mentioned that my GiGi New York business card holder is one of the most important items in my bag because I actually use it to protect and hold my Metrocard. A necessity as a New Yorker!
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  1. Can't believe that's an H&M bag! That is a good steal :) After reading this, I feel lucky that I can still throw my bag in the back of my car (keyword being "throw") and not feel too bad about it. I can't imagine what it's like to commute in NYC.

    Love this post!! Thank you for sharing :)

    Jessica || www.mycubiclechic.com


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