Jonathan Simkhai FW 2016

Feb 20, 2016

When my fellow blogger buddy Cristal from Beauty Goodies asked if I wanted to cover Jonathan Simkhai backstage, I literally jumped for joy. I love his designs and I think he is the master of cut-outs that make you feel so sophisticated and feminine. I have this turtleneck sweater, and I seriously want to add more of his pieces to my closet after seeing this show. I also loved being backstage and seeing the chaos of everyone running around to get the models ready. There is actually a lot of work involved in putting together a show that lasts maybe only 15 minutes, and getting an exclusive look at how it comes together is just as exciting as the show itself.
Thomas Osborn, the TIGI US Creative Director, created the runway hair look, inspired by the balance of linear laces and delicate, streamlined construction of the collection. They created a windswept feel, keeping the front soft with "frozen" pieces, complemented with a knotted braid down the back. It's polished and strong, but not fussy.
To get this look:
1 - Prep dry hair with CATWALK by TIGI Bodifying Spray to achieve volume and texture. Blow dry, combing through with fingers in a backwards and upwards motion.
2 - Next, using a flat iron, pull small sections of hair backwards at the crown for a "frozen" illusion.
3 - Then, rake hair backwards and begin to braid the hair using a 3-strand technique, then transitioning to a 2-strand knot after the nape of the neck. Wrap elastics every few inches down the braid for a knotted look. Pull gently at either side of the braid to loosen.
4 - Set the look with CATWALK by TIGI Work It Hairspray.
The gorgeous Herieth Paul. She is so sweet!
Nails were from Essie, and the models wore four different colors to match the garment they were wearing: Midnight Cami (navy), Find Me an Oasis (ice blue), Marshmallow (sheer white), or All Eyes on Nudes (camel neutral). They wanted to be very tone on tone, where the color was an extension of the garment.
Makeup was by Maybelline, and all the models had snowflakes on their eyelashes to go with the "frozen goddess" theme.
Anna Wintour was the first guest to take her seat in the house, and was immediately surrounded by photographers. I was too chicken to go up to her, as she also had a bodyguard of some sort, so I snapped some candids instead. Jonathan Simkhai himself came out to chat with her as well.
How luxurious is this fox shawl collar coat with a silk slip dress??
I seriously want this top now. Cold shoulder tops are still going really strong into next season, as I saw many bare shoulders in other shows. Expect them to take shape in fresh fabrics and colors like this lace navy appliqué top.
Absolutely loved the show and hope you liked getting a peek of the backstage hubbub. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes.
I'll be recapping Jenny Packham and Libertine over the next few days, so don't forget to come back for more!

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