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Nov 17, 2016

Today's post is a little different, where I get to focus on hair! Now, how many of you search high and low for a hairstylist you like until you find one and then you stick with her/him for the longest time until you either move or the stylist moves? Welp, my favorite stylist from my neighborhood salon recently switched to a spot on the Upper East Side, and being on the west side myself, that's like a treacherous journey that New Yorkers typically dread. (I know, first world problems.) So when I recently had the chance to visit ION Studio in Soho for my quarterly hair trim, I was really excited to try a new place that was conveniently close to my office. ION Studio is a little bit off the beaten path, nestled away at 41 Wooster Street, to be exact. They also pride themselves on being a sustainable hair salon, which was definitely evident in the decor and ambiance. They carry Davines Hair Care Products, which also shares eco-friendly philosophies without sacrificing hair care. My hair was done by Sarah, who initially reached out to me on Instagram (love how social media can still connect people IRL). If you are in need of a hair refresh, head to ION Studio and mention my name and blog to receive $25 off with Sarah. Keep scrolling to read more about my experience and final hair reveal!
The salon stays true to its environmentally-friendly mantra, as the space is minimally decorated with earthy tones and wood structures. It gave me a sense of calm and serenity, a true hair haven from the bustling cacophony of the city.
Second floor of the salon, where more coloring and styling takes place.
Before the magic happens. I told Sarah that I like to keep my hair long with layers, as the texture of my hair is thin, but there is a lot of it, and it tends to feel weighed down and lackluster. We discussed how it would be cut and how much to take off. She suggested that instead of straight, blunt edges, she would create more texture and layers through vertical cuts. I didn't really know what this meant, but I trusted her recommendation.
Oi All In One Milk - While my hair was still wet, Sarah used this product before starting the blow dry phase. It's such a powerhouse, as it adds shine and softness, helps to detangle, and overall facilitates blow drying while controlling frizz. After my hair was dryer, she proceeded to continue carving out the layers.

This Is A Dry Texturizer - Sarah sprayed this all over my dry hair to give it a more full-bodied and tousled look. I really loved how it smelled, and it didn't weigh my hair down and create that stiff hairspray feel that I dislike.
Overall, I had a great and relaxing experience at ION Studio, and love my haircut from Sarah. My hair has more texture and feels much lighter, and doesn't require much upkeep since I'm a "wash and go" kinda girl. I'm now debating whether I should be brave and get highlights. If you decide to visit the salon, don't forget to ask for Sarah, mention my name and blog, and receive $25 off your next haircut!

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